Frequently Asked Questions

Contacting Guardian Warranty Services


What are hours for Warranty Services?
8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

What are the best times to call Warranty Services?
Warranty Services experiences lower call volumes from 8 AM to 11 AM Eastern time.


Cleaning Codes

What are the cleaning codes for fabric?
The cleaning code is the recommended cleaning method given by the manufacturer of your furniture.  Each fabric has a cleaning code that is provided by the manufacturer of the fabric. Generally the cleaning code will be one of the following...
Guardian does not have access to your cleaning code. It may be located on your furniture's tags or deck area of the upholstered item.

Where/how do I find a cleaning code for my furniture/fabric?
You can most often find  the cleaning code under the cushion or underneath the furniture unit.

What do I do if I cannot find the cleaning code on my furniture?
Contact your retailer and request they check the manufacturer's specifications.

What is X coded fabric?
The only cleaning method is vacuuming. X coded fabric is a type of fabric that cannot be cleaned with any product. Our warranty specifically excludes any coverage for X coded fabric because it inhibits our ability to perform any obligations under the warranty.


Miscellaneous Questions


What is non-colorfast material?
Non-colorfast material is a type of material that cannot maintain the color.  This type of fabric is not eligible for coverage on any of Guardian's warranties.  Since non-colorfast materials cannot be cleaned without producing color loss, Guardian has no ability to perform the obligations of the warranty.

To test for colorfastness follow these instructions: Using warm water, lightly dampen (never wet) a clean white absorbent cloth or paper towel, blot in an inconspicuous area of the furniture piece. If color lifts refer back to the retail establishment from whom you purchased your Guardian warranty plan.

How do I find a professional to clean my furniture?
Your warranty is not a cleaning contract. Guardian recommends using a professional to clean fabric or leather upholstery periodically. If you are unable to find a professional, then contact Guardian, and we will try to refer you to a cleaning professional in your area.


Warranty Coverage Questions


If cleaning and maintenance products other than the ones supplied with my warranty have been used, will that void my claim/warranty?
YES - Please contact Warranty Services to file a claim prior to using any cleaning methods -- 800-527-8485.

A warranty was not given to me at time of purchase.  How do I get one?
You will need to contact your retailer.

I did not register my warranty within the 30 day time frame.  Is it still valid?
Yes. Please register it now. As long as you have your warranty and store invoice you may still register.

Why do you need my invoice/sales receipt?
Your invoice/sales receipt provides proof of purchase. If your claim is eligible for service your invoice is crucial in obtaining information from your retailer about your specific furniture.

Where should I fax my invoice/sales receipt?
Please fax your invoice to 800-668-5754

What is the preferred method of contact to follow up on a claim?
The preferred method is to submit a Check Claim Status form under the warranty heading on this website. You will avoid wait times due to heavy call volumes. You can also call us at 800-527-8485. If you call after hours, leave a voicemail. Our normal response time to check claim status and voicemails is two business days.

How long will I have to wait for a response from a voicemail or electronic inquiry?
Warranty Services has full time representatives that solely return voicemails and electronic inquiries. Our expected timeframe is two business days.

What is an Examiner?
A professional who reviews your claim and contacts you with a final decision.

Why do I have to report stains within the timeframe stated on my warranty?
Our objective is for customers to have stain free furniture. The sooner we get to the staining problem, the better the results. The longer a stain remains, the more difficult it is to remove it.

How long will it take to dispatch a service technician?
Our current process requires Warranty Services to send an authorization to a subcontracted service technician that services your particular area.  Once they receive a work order they are allowed up to three business days to contact and schedule your appointment.  The technician then enters  the appointment date in our database for tracking purposes.  If the technician has not contacted you within 7 business days please contact Warranty Services at 800-527-8485.

Why is Warranty Service choosing to order parts rather than sending a service technician?
If a stained or damaged area is removable and purchased recently, the part replacement may be a better option for all involved.   If determined the part is not available, a service technician will be dispatched to service your claim.

What happens when Guardian has to order replacement parts for my claim?
Replacement parts ordered by Guardian from the manufacturer generally take between eight to ten weeks to arrive at the retail store. The retail store  will contact the customer when it is received.

I received your cleaning solutions and the stain is removed but I still have an odor?
Your warranty does not provide coverage for odor.  You may use a "deodorizer" to remedy the odor issue. We recommend our Crypton Fabric Freshener and Deodorizer and Crypton Pet Stain and Odor Remover.

Why doesn't the surface bead up on my fabric furniture, like I saw in the store?
Our product is not a topical treatment. The product anchors into the fibers to repel stains thus improving the success rate of removal.  Furthermore, some fabrics have different weaves and fibers that inhibit the ability to bead up.

How do I know what my warranty coverages are?
When you purchase a program you should receive a written warranty that lists specific coverages, exclusions, cleaning instructions and how to file a claim.

Where should I submit a compliment, suggestion or complaint?
Via this website please go to the Contact Us link.


Where to get more furniture care products


Where can I purchase more of the Guardian products?
You can check with the original retailer that sold you the warranty or  you may contact the distributor in your local marketing area.  Our distributors can be found on this website by linking under COMPANYon "Distributor" and selecting from the drop down menu.